27 September 2007

The History Of The "Tarot de Marseilles"

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I am a Tarot Cards Reader expert. I have been the fortune-teller of my friends for many years and they always have been happy with my predictions.

So, I will try to make you discover the Tarot world through the Tarot de Marseilles, one of the most popular divinatory Tarot Cards play.

Let's start our Tarot de Marseilles tour by it history.

About the origin of the Tarot de Marseilles, we know few things but we can however say this: the Tarot de Marseilles deck appeared in France under the reign of the king Charles VI.

When this poor king became insane, he was locked up in a castle by his wife Isabeau of Bavaria.

She provided him a mistress, Odette de Champdivert, who offered a deck of Tarot cards to him.

In fact, these tarot cards were composed by 56 paperboard pieces decorated with figures and signs. This play was used by Sarasins in Eastern countries.

Charles VI asked to Jacquemin Gringonneur to redraw the figures in order to make them look prettier.

Some claim that the first illuminations of the cards appeared in Italy but the work of this artist is indexed on the journal of Charles VI's banker.

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