08 November 2007

La Mort (Arcane Sans Nom) - Death (Noname Arcana) - Arcana Major XIII

Tarot Cards ReadingThis Tarot card inspires fear to people but it's a mistake. In fact, The Death is the symbol of life.

The design represented on this tarot card is a skeleton holding a scythe in its right hand.

We also see human bones on the card and some flowers.
This card represents the Nature, the removal of bad things, bad air, bad experiences...

When something disappears, something else appears.

The Death card represents the end of a chapter and the birth of another.

The Death card is also the spiritual rebirth, progress, freedom of thought.

Basic significance:

The Death in the right position: renewal, changing elements, end of a chapter, sentimental failure...

The Death in the reversed position: immobility, injury, illness, disappointment.

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