28 December 2007

The Tarot Card Reading Has Been Re-Designed

I just re-designed the Tarot Card Reading site. I've had enough of having a "ready-made" type site and the system didn't allow me to add articles (it seems that there was some kind of bug).

So, I created a new one, with my own articles, explanations and even pictures.

Starting In January, I'll be updating the site more regularly. Oh, I'll also have to update Be My Valentine; which means that I'll not be updating the Tarot Card Reading every day but at least once a week and maybe twice ;-)

While creating the new site, I've been playing with Paint.Net (I finally understood how a photo and picture editor works!!!!!) and I've added the first picture explaining how Tarot Cards Play work. The picture represents a cross draw.

Well, feel free to visit the new site and don't be shy to add your comment on this blog and help me to improve the site.

Enjoy :)

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