26 March 2008

Le Soleil - The Sun - Arcana Major XVIIII

Tarot Cards ReadingHello :)

I am sorry for not having posted for a wile... I've been busy working on Valentine's Day and Easter sites.

Here is a new Tarot Cards reading post...

Today's post is dedicated to The Sun, arcana major XVIIII (19).

The Sun is the warmest arcana of the Tarot de Marseilles play and one of the most positive tarot card.

This card is synonymous with welfare and is luminous. The sun's rays are the basis of life, they show things under their real aspects while hiding nothing from the truth.

The characters on this 19th arcana are dressed as Adam and Eve with few fabric and seem to be in love. They are supposed to represent feelings and reason.

The Sun keeps its promises of love, kindness, benefits, honour, prestige...

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