17 June 2008

Tarot Cards Consulting

Lastly, I've done something special for a subscriber of mine.

I read the cards online...

I only met this guy online, communicate with him through emails and after he requested for a tarot cards reading many times, I finally accepted.

Reading the cards without having the person in front of me is something I usually don't do. I think that there must be a contact to be able to read the cards and for the reading being reliable.

But well, after he asked ten times for a reading, I did a small reading and sent him the result.

Two weeks ago ad three months after this reading, he told me that he was so happy with the reading I did, that everything happened and he asked one more time for a "big tarot cards reading" and told me that he would pay me for this.

I finally accepted and have been paid $30 for three questions and a six month evolution reading. I don't want to ask too much for an online reading since it is less reliable than a life reading. So,

My subscriber was happy, I was too and I plan to use this reading to create some more tarot cards reading samples on the site in order to help you to better understand how the tarot cards work.

So stay tuned as later this week, there will be more pages added to the site, including... pictures!

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spunkyduckling @ army wives pet peeves said...

sounds good. I've had one done (not online) and it was pretty close..not sure if i would like to try it again though. My sis loves these kinds of things though.